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Without breaking the bank…
Without working countless hours…
Without tanking your credit score…?

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To professionals and business owners dreaming of first-class travel WITHOUT the first-class price tag…

What if you could turn your everyday spending into multiple once-in-a-lifetime trips…



Even if you’re new to points or struggling with points redemption.

Turn your sky-high expenses into flights and luxury hotel stays every single year.

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Credit card points can make premium or frequent travel your new normal ― not a bucket list moment 

All without the premium price tag. 

Refreshing hot showers in the VIP lounge during long layovers

A safari adventure across the African plains complete with a 5-star retreat

Spacious hotel suites where you, the kids, and grandma each get your own rooms

An overwater bungalow in the Maldives without the eye-watering price tag

Business class flights for the whole family without the financial strain

A 15-hour flight from LAX to Australia, free from leg cramps and terrible airplane meals

They’re your ticket to..

Clueless about how to REDEEM the best deal for maximum value

Finding award seats and hotel deals for your ideal travel date is like searching for a needle in a haystack.

And there’s no way you’re wasting the points that took forever to collect. So you end up stockpiling your points till they collect virtual dust ― or worse, expire.

So you dove headfirst into the points game…only to find yourself:

Lost in a sea of conflicting tips & tricks

You're convinced there's a smarter path through the maze of credit card points and miles.

But with an overwhelming number of strategies out there ― pinpointing where to start feels impossible. And you have better things to do than decrypt the world of points.

Earning credit card points at a snail’s pace

At this rate, it’ll take 10 years to redeem *one* flight or hotel stay.

Because no matter how many credit cards and loyalty programs promise to multiply your points ― you’re terrified of investing in the wrong one.

It’s enough to make even the smartest, most organized women spiral!

Before you wave goodbye to your travel goals, you should know…

With this knowledge ― you can go on multiple guilt-free adventures year after year!


Mastering points travel is a skill that’s easy to learn and will save you thousands of dollars of travel costs annually.
And it takes way less time than you think.

You just need a straightforward, repeatable process to:

Turn your monthly expenses into travel opportunities without spending extra money.

Easily find the best flight and hotel awards without bankrupting your points balance .

Maximize the full value of your points to double or triple your travel frequency.

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(So I know it’s possible!)

But it wasn’t always like this.

I used to believe first-class travel was something I’d never get to experience unless I was retired or saved like crazy for a once-in-a-lifetime celebration.

Even after I became an attending physician with a grown up salary, the world of luxury travel remained out of reach.

Instead, my “adventures” were limited to watching my expenses fly out of my bank account for groceries, my kid’s tuition, and the endless pit of business startup costs.

But then I fell down the rabbit hole of points travel and saw a new opportunity:

What if my sky-high expenses could become my ticket to unlimited luxury travel?

A retired physician who uses points to book $50,000 - $100,000 in travel every year for me and my family. 

Hey, I’m Devon Gimbel MD. 

Fast-forward to 2016, I took my first-ever first class trip on Lufthansa ― complete with a private Porsche that drove me right to the airplane, a four-course meal, and the best lie-flat sleep I’ve ever had.

And I paid a grand total of $80.

Yep, a flight that’s usually $14,000 cost me less than a night out at my favorite restaurant, thanks to the power of credit card points.

And the day I learned ― 

Points travel is a legitimate wealth-building strategy

Not a “travel hack.”

With the right strategy, your expenses can shift from a burden to a valuable asset that unlocks multiple travel adventures.

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I wanted to learn a simple strategy to earn and use points.
This course was perfect for achieving exactly that.

- MC

In 2023 alone, I took 4 points-funded trips

I’m able to do it all guilt-free because I can re-invest the thousands of dollars it would have cost into my kids’ college funds, emergency savings, or my mortgage. 

✈️ A week in Hawaii with my family in an ocean-front suite at the Grand Hyatt Kauai. (I paid $0 for a suite that normally costs $17,000 for a week’s stay).

✈️ A weekend getaway with my husband in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. (Hello, street tacos and endless strolls on cobblestone streets!)

✈️ Two weeks in St. Kitts with my family

✈️ A solo first class flight excursion to Tokyo for a DAY. (I paid $100 out of pocket, when it would’ve cost over $20,000 to book in cash.)

And I’m going to show you how to strategically and easily turn your expenses into credit card points so you can make comfortable travel, VIP lounges, and 5-star hotels part of your regular lifestyle too!

Credit card points allow me to splurge on travel *now* without sacrificing my financial future. 

I want this for you too!

I truly believe in expanding access to travel to more women, more people of color, and more families.

In short?

Turn your high expenses into your travel fund with:


The 3-month live program that gives you the easy step-by-step process AND hands-on support to EARN and REDEEM credit card points.

So you can take multiple once-in-a-lifetime trips every single year!

With my easy-to-follow method, you can book flights & luxury hotel stays worth tens of thousands of dollars, and earn your investment back again and again.

(EVEN if you’re starting from scratch or you struggle with points redemption)

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“I wanted to find a great award booking through Points Made Easy that would save me more than the cost of the course. And it has!”

- Ron Gosnell

This is your all-in-one guide to traveling more and traveling better using money you’re ALREADY spending

Grocery bills
Gym & Costco memberships
Business expenses
School fees

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I’m going to show you the fastest and most effective way to turn these into your next boarding pass. 

This is NOT about getting into debt, carelessly churning through credit cards, or harming your credit score.

It’s about leveraging your existing expenses to fund your travel adventures using strategies that go *beyond* the typical signup bonuses for new credit cards.

Whether it’s:



Confidently book twice as many trips and unique experiences ― without bankrupting your points balance. Because the only thing better than one business class flight, is two 😉

In this LIVE 3-month program, you will confidently 

You won’t just hear me talk the talk, either! You’ll watch me redeem points and book flights in real time with strategies you can apply *immediately* so you’re jet-setting faster than you can say “take off.”

Points Made Easy cuts through the noise to give you a clear path and 3 months of dedicated support to actively turn your wish-list fantasies into your next boarding pass. 

This program is NOT another drop in the bottomless ocean of generic points & travel tips
(Because who has time to sift through all of that?!)

So we’re clear…

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Get a personalized strategy to earn 3-15x MORE points for the money you’re already spending ― without signing up for a new credit card every month.


Imagine booking business and first-class seats for the price of an economy ticket even in peak travel seasons. You’ll know exactly how to search for the best flight and hotel deals ― both domestic and international!


“The old version of me would be excited to hear just how many flights I've booked with points in such a short time.

Before joining Points Made Easy, I felt like I was a decent accumulator of points (turns out I was wrong) but what I really did not comprehend was how to use points! So I would either get cash back or use the points to book through the credit card travel portal. What a waste!

Now I know how to value cents per points, what a good flight deal looks like, and the steps for doing the search for different airlines. As someone who loves to travel, I thought that business class seats were for fancy people and totally out of my comfort zone until I learned how to navigate using points to book flights via airline partner transfer. The old version of me would be excited to hear just how many flights I've booked with points in such a short time.” 

- MC

“I wanted to learn a simple strategy to earn & use points. This course was perfect for achieving exactly that.

Before joining Points Made Easy I thought I needed ALL the cards and I didn't know how to redeem points for travel. I wanted to learn a simple strategy to earn and use points. This course was perfect for achieving exactly that.

It took a topic that once seemed "too complex", and broke it down into simple strategies. Points Made Easy gives you the beginning to end step-by-step process. This class was phenomenal and I feel so much more confident about redeeming points.” 

- Adriana Faulkner 

You won’t have to wait three months to jet off on your next luxury vacation...

OR complete the entire course before you start earning or redeeming points.

With my proven process and tailored strategies, you can book $2k+ worth of flights & hotel stays by the end of this week, this month, or this quarter! 

Your next adventure is closer than you think!

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Points Made Easy students are redeeming their points and elevating their experiences multiple times a year 🌎👇

i want what they're having

“We took round trip flights in business class to Spain with points. We also booked our hotels on points and got globalist perks as a result of this course! Points Made Easy played a HUGE role in all of this!”  

“Points Made Easy elevated every experience. I upgraded my Aer Lingus flight with points for my first business class flight!” 

“We got upgraded to the penthouse suite at the Thompson Madrid! It was beyond amazing. We had a living room, kitchen, balcony, and soaking tub.” 

“Our first time in an airport lounge flying from LAX to Dublin on Aer Lingus!”

“Dromoland castle in Ireland booked using points ― my Cap One Venture X Travel Bonus!”

Here’s what you’ll learn when you join

Discover how the points game really works so you can accelerate your points-earning journey (and side-step point-wasting mistakes).

In this module you’ll:

● Discover the Points Equation ― AKA the secret to getting 3x, 4x, even 15x MORE points for the money you’re already spending.

● Collect points faster without the overwhelm and confusion

● Understand the power of Credit Card Transfer Partners to get access to even better travel experiences.

● How to protect your credit score while earning points

Getting Started 

Module 1  

Want to take a look at the Points Made Easy Process from A-Z?

Get ready to watch your credit card points multiply!
Module 2 is where you’ll discover:

● The unspoken Credit Card Rule that will change the way you apply for new cards

● How to confidently pick the perfect Credit Card tailored to your unique spending habits, maximizing rewards on every dollar you spend.

● The 6 simple but powerful point-earning strategies to earn more on your everyday purchases, so you get the most reward for the least effort.

Points Earning

Module 2

Organization is your ticket out of overwhelm and into a lie-flat business class seat to the destination of your dreams!

That’s why you’ll get:

● A customizable tracking sheet that makes it ridiculously easy to organize your credit cards

● My points redemption tracker to get a clear snapshot of the exact value you’re getting from your points (never guess what your points are worth again!)

● My tips for keeping a healthy credit score so you can easily apply for new rewards credit cards

Staying Organized

Module 3

This module alone will earn you your investment back multiple times over!

You’ll discover:

● The simple formula for calculating your Points Redemption Value so you can choose the best deal for you

● How to get the highest value from transferable points ―
(Getting this right can be the difference in thousands of dollars worth of travel year after year)

● How to get maximum value from your points
(This is the most difficult skill to master without support. But I’ll walk you through the entire process)

● How an award flight booking really works

● The step-by-step process of finding and booking an award flight

Points Redeeming

Module 4

The moment you join Points Made Easy, you’ll get instant access to each of these modules and their bite-sized lessons (2-10 minutes max) to work through at your own pace

No deadlines you need to meet

No overwhelming amounts of information to sift through

No need to watch every single lesson if it doesn’t apply to you

Just pick the relevant videos to watch in your own time

Turn your expenses into thousands of points

Book your next travel adventure (and earn your investment back) without dipping into your savings

There are:

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“There is not a lot of fluff. Everything is broken down into easy-to-understand modules.”   

- Mary Kathleen Lockard

“I really understood the steps and process and was able to gain knowledge I could use in real time and in the future.” 

- angie

“Points Made Easy helped me narrow down my searches and be more efficient!”

- Lin Dang

Your First-Class Ticket to Points Made Easy Also Includes:

LIVE Calls For Extra Support

Get your questions answered in real-time! In these calls, I’ll walk you through the solutions to your biggest challenges, so you'll have every opportunity to get help exactly where you need it.

Lifetime Access to Video Tutorials 

Bite-sized video lessons covering everything you need to know to start multiplying and redeeming your points. These are yours to listen to in your own time and at your own pace. 

Easy-To-Use Guides

Powerful reference guides will keep you on top of your points game ― whether it’s helping you identify the perfect next credit card, leveraging each card's unique benefits to the fullest, or preventing your hard-earned points from expiring.

LIVE Workshops

Watch me apply the Points Made Easy process to search and book actual award flights! You’ll learn the specific tricks and tips I use to run faster, more useful searches for the best flights.

3 Months Access To A Private Q&A Channel With Me 

Can’t make the LIVE sessions? Submit your burning questions to the Q&A channel to get personalized support from me any time of day.

Resource Library

An always-updated library of resources. You’ll find real-life examples of award flight bookings, key references to maximize your points value, live call recordings, and real-life examples of award flight bookings. 

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If you’re brand new to points… the strategies you’ll gain make it quick and easy to hit the 50k mark and get your investment back. If you're already in the points game, just ONE new strategy could be the key to accumulating the points you need.

But here's where it gets really exciting ―

I don’t want you to hit 50k points once and call it a day.

I want to set you up to earn hundreds of thousands of points A YEAR in the most efficient way possible.

“But Devon, will this really work for me?”

Imagine just how many international adventures, domestic getaways, and luxury hotel stays you’ll squeeze in!

That's why I've packed this course with actionable strategies so you can easily unlock much more than $2k in travel value and make your investment back.

Here’s a quick crash course:

You only need 50k points to gain over $2k in value in flights booked or hotel stays.

I get it—you're looking for value, not empty promises.

Ready to book thousands of dollars’ worth of travel every year using your everyday high expenses?

One-Time Payment of $2000 USD

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Within minutes, you’ll get:

Lifetime access to the self-paced Points Made Easy course - including the 4 course modules and bonus resource library.

3 months of live support from Zoom calls where you can get your questions directly answered by me.

Access to live Zoom workshops walking you through the points redemption process.

3 months of Ask-Me-Anything access to get your points questions answered and your point strategy sorted.

I’m here to give you the tools to make your travel goals happen when you want and as much as you want. 

Luxury travel is more than lie-flat seats and champagne toasts on-board

While I personally want everyone to experience the comfort of a first class suite at least once in their lifetime…

The real luxury in travel is choosing experiences that resonate with *you*.

Whether that's:

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Booking multiple economy flights to spend time with extended family

Enjoying the quiet and comfort of airport lounges

Indulging in lavish hotel suites with your points

Ticking off those wish list adventures without touching your savings

You’ve struggled to book great flights or hotel stays in the past

That ends here. I’m showing you my exact step-by-step process for booking the best deals so you can spend less time hunting for flights and more time enjoying your travels. 

Points Made Easy is perfect for you if you have above-average expenses (around $75k+ year) that you want to leverage into an asset and..

You’re a complete beginner at points travel

This is the most simple and effective way to start earning points fast ― without drowning in conflicting advice or making point-wasting mistakes.

You’re already earning points and booking occasional flight deals 

You’ll discover how to optimize your credit card usage to earn even more points. AND how to turn your stockpile of points into multiple getaways every single year.

You’re better off waiting if: 

You’re not in the financial position to pay off your credit card completely 

This is not about juggling credit cards, impulsive spending or going into debt. To join, you must be able to fully pay off your credit card every single month.

You’re not willing to be flexible

Scoring the best flight & hotel deals may require you to be flexible with when and where you decide to travel.

If you’re someone who has a rigid travel schedule (eg. you can only travel on set dates)...

You’ll need to be flexible with where you travel to, or be open to using connecting flights to get the most out of this program.

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“I had 1.5 million Amex points and I didn't know what to do with them.

Before Points Made Easy, I didn't know which card to use when. Or how to use my points! I was comfortable earning lots of points, but unsure how to redeem them for high value travel. I had 1.5 million Amex reward points and didn't know what to do with them.

Points Made Easy helped me maximize the use of my points. I booked two round trip tickets to Japan and all my Japan hotels on points thanks to Devon's support in Points Made Easy.

The pre-Points Made Easy version of me would be impressed that I finally used the points! And still have almost 900k points left!” 


“Points Made Easy gave me a much broader understanding of credit card points

Devon has a really good way of organizing and diluting information, and simplifying it to teach it.

There were many workshops where she takes you through the step by step of how to purchase a ticket ― not just telling you how to do it, but walking students through it while everyone watches.

 I thought that was awesome.” 

- sachin

“Thanks to Points Made Easy, I’ve taken business class flights this year and I’ve never taken any in the 30-plus years I lived before joining the program!

If you get stuck, you can ask Devon a direct question. And she'll get back to you very quickly. And you’re getting this answer from an expert, versus someone that may or may not be an expert in a Facebook group. What I get from the course is going to pay off down the road in terms of redemptions and business class flight.” 

- kathy

Now, imagine where your points could take you!

 ✈️ Louise learned how to use 100,000 Chase points to get a 5-night stay in a beachside suite in St. Kitts instead of paying $2200 in cash

 ✈️ Alanna booked a dream anniversary vacation to Bali, getting $14k in business class flights on Singapore Airlines and Qatar Qsuites using points

 ✈️ Kristina is flying business class to Fiji using 220,000 Alaska Airlines miles instead of paying $16k for tickets

 ✈️ Inez saved $6000 flying her family of 5 to Paris in premium economy using points and only $680 out-of-pocket cash

 ✈️ Alizabeth surprised her daughter with a birthday trip to Paris including business class flights on Air France using points for $7500 worth in flights

 ✈️ Chasi booked a $2500 business class flight from Austin to Barcelona for only 38,000 points and $212 out of pocket

Members of Points Made Easy have used my process to travel all over the world in style and comfort

Ready to book thousands of dollars’ worth of travel every year using your everyday high expenses?

Join Points Made Easy Today

Still trying to decide the best move?

Let’s think about it this way…

Every dollar you spend on groceries, your Costco membership, business expenses, or your kid's swimming lessons isn't just money out the door.

You're actually sitting on a goldmine of points waiting to be claimed.

Rather than pinching pennies and saving for years for ONE grand adventure…

I'll show you how to flip those expenses into assets that lead to dream getaways multiple times a year.

Which means ―

You don't have to choose between saving for your financial future and seeing the world now.

You can grow your retirement fund AND travel across Europe.

You can fund your kid’s hobbies AND fly the whole family business class to Japan.

You can reinvest in growing your business AND ensure your parents travel comfortably to their home country.

The travel you’ve been dreaming of is within your reach.

And I’ll be here every step of the way, making sure you unlock the full potential of your spending.

So when you’re ready to turn your expenses into adventures you’ll remember forever…

I’d love for you to join me inside. 



In case you may be wondering...


“I’m already collecting points and booking flights where I can. Is this still right for me?”

You’ve experienced points travel ― yay! This course will show you the most efficient way to get MAX value from your points, book the best flight & hotel deals, and collect points at a faster rate so you can go on 2-3 luxury trips a year ― not once in a lifetime.

If more travel is your goal ― then Points Made Easy is perfect for you!

“I’m brand new to points collecting― is this still for me?”

100%! The strategies and process I teach are simple and easy for anyone to follow ― whether you’re brand new or have been collecting points for a few years.

My recommendation for beginners is to go through the entire course first (at your own pace!) so you understand how points work and the best strategies for you.

If you need a little more support, you can submit your questions to a private, ask-me-anything channel OR jump into the LIVE zoom calls for personalized help for the first 3 months.

“What if I spend less than $75k a year ― can I still join?”

Yes…you’ll still be able to implement my strategies, but it might take you longer to accumulate the points you’ll need.

That said, if you want to learn the steps to earning points efficiently AND how to find the best flight & hotel deals that will give you max value ― you can still join!

“What if I don’t want to sign up for credit cards all the time?”

You don’t have to! Credit card sign-up bonuses are just *one* of the many strategies I share to help you earn points.

If signing up for a credit card isn’t the right move for you right now, you’ll still discover other ways to earn AND redeem points efficiently.

“I have tons of points but struggle to get good deals. Will Points Made Easy help me?”

Yes! In fact, I’ve dedicated an ENTIRE module to how to redeem the best point deals so you don’t bankrupt your points account on one trip.

You’ll even get to watch me apply the award booking process in real time during our award booking workshops so you know exactly what to do.

“I don’t have travel plans yet…should I wait till later to join?”

The best time to learn how to collect and redeem points is before you plan your trip. Especially if you want to fly business class or travel with the whole family.

Joining early means you’ll have enough time to collect the points you need AND avoid making costly point-wasting mistakes.

“How is Points Made Easy different from your podcast and free Facebook group?”

My free content offers a solid foundation for points travel, answers to quick questions, and a dose of inspiration from fellow travelers.

But when you don’t have the right strategy or the time to figure it all out ― trying to apply the advice to your own travels can be overwhelming. Almost like you have a flurry of directions with no clear path.

Points Made Easy walks you through the “how-to” of effectively earning points AND gives you 3 months of dedicated support to create a points strategy that works for *you*.

It’s the difference between reading about a tropical holiday, and actually experiencing the white sand between your toes because you know exactly how to use your points to get you there.

Plus, you won’t just be left with memories. You’ll gain a skill set that allows you to book incredible award travel on your own so you can make your travel wish list come true.

“I only want to travel once every few years…is Points Made Easy still worth it?”

Yes for two reasons ―

1. You’ll discover how to earn a ton of points so you can achieve your wildest travel goals as soon as you’re ready.


2. My whole approach is about turning your expenses into an asset you can leverage any time you want. Rather than watching your money fly out of your bank account and disappear, let’s turn your expenses into a wealth-building fund you can gift to your children, your parents, and yourself!

“Can my partner/spouse join Points Made Easy with me?”

Absolutely! Having a “two-player” team in this points world can help you multiply your points even faster. You’ll discover how to create a credit card plan that’s a fit for your family so you can all travel in style. 

“What if I can’t make the LIVE calls?”

Every single call and workshop will be recorded so you can watch it any time, anywhere!

“I have more questions!”

Simply email me hello@pointmetofirstclass.com and I’ll get back to you soon. 

Ready to book thousands of dollars’ worth of travel every year using your everyday high expenses?

Join Points Made Easy Today