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Demystify the world of credit card points and miles so you can… 

Turn your high personal or business expenses into assets so you can travel the world in comfort – without breaking the bank. 


You dream about saving your cash and using points to fund your next adventure.

You’re ready to...

Create life-long memories on an African safari with your kids

Trade your once-a-year economy flight for 2-3 flights a year

Take a solo trip and travel around Asia 

Stay at an overwater bungalow in the Maldives

Go great barrier reef snorkeling with your partner

Ride a bumpy Felucca across the Nile

Fly the first class Apartment by Etihad

Treat your parents to a trip back home 

You love playing the points game.

But you’re starting to feel overwhelmed and frustrated:

Piecing together a points strategy from different articles, podcasts, newsletters, and articles is harder than it looks. 

It takes up too much of your time, and you’re more confused than ever because you’re constantly getting contradictory advice from different experts. 

You’re overwhelmed by the number of available credit cards. 

You’re feeling lost because of all the different points currencies. 

You’re hoarding and stockpiling your points because you’re so worried about wasting them. 

You’re drowning in a frenzy of details, deals, promotions, product-specific cards, portals, and loyalty programs. 

You know there has to be a smarter, simpler way.


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A retired physician who uses points to book $50,000 - $100,000 in travel every year for me and my family. 

I believe: 

Hey, I’m Devon Gimbel MD. 

Your expenses are your greatest untapped asset… IF you know how to leverage them and turn them into points.

Points travel isn’t about travel “hacking”. It’s a legitimate wealth-building strategy that deserves as much respect as traditional investment vehicles. It’s fun, but it isn’t a joke. 

Points are the key to expanding access to travel to more women, more people of color, and more families – especially luxury travel which continues to lack diversity. 

I’m still very early in the points game, but on my first two redemptions I booked over $30,000 in travel costs. I still can't believe it.


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Traveling with points doesn't have to be confusing or complicated.  
Fast-track your success earning and redeeming points with my online course, Points Made Easy. Created for women with higher-than-average personal or business expenses. 

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Your high expenses are your greatest asset. 

I’ve taught hundreds of women how to strategically turn those expenses into credit cards points that pay for frequent, luxury, and comfort travel.

(P.S YOU get to define what luxury and comfort travel means to you. Just like these ladies did👇🏻) 

“Our family of five,
Tower Bridge in London.

Our kids first trip overseas! Almost certainly would have delayed it or thought it not possible before learning the points game from Devon!” 

“My first lie-flat seat coming home from Portugal
- I’ll always remember it ❤” 

“At the hotel Thompson Madrid: We got upgraded to the penthouse suite! It was beyond amazing. We had a living room, kitchen, balcony, soaking tub. The globalist breakfast was delicious and could have fed us for the entire day!” 

“Sevilla! My husband and I went to Spain (Sevilla, Ibiza, and Madrid) for our 15 year anniversary. This was our first business class redemption since we started our points journey 2 years ago :)I really wanted to do something special for him and have him see the fruits of our points gathering labors.

This trip checked those boxes in every way!” 

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“Devon’s support helped me book a hotel stay for our
10-year anniversary – worth over $2000 value in itself.  

It’s the kind of luxury trip I wouldn’t have ever considered spending more than a quarter of the monetary value it holds. And I booked it using points I otherwise wouldn’t know how to use. Thank you, Devon!” 

- KP

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