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Start having first-class travel experiences without the first-class price tag.

Point Me to First Class is the show for professionals and business owners with higher-than-average personal or business expenses, who want to learn to leverage these expenses into credit card points they can spend on travel.

Each week, I share valuable tips, tools, and strategies to help you uplevel your skills earning and redeeming credit card points, so you can expand your travel and expand your experiences.

This podcast is brilliant and SO EXCITING to listen to every episode! Devon makes it so simple to avoid the confusion and overwhelm around credit cards and reward points. She’s a genius at distilling endless information into the most relevant, useful things to know. Before I found this podcast I thought it would be years before I’d be flying in lie-flat business class but now it feels so much more accessible and I’m actually excited about my high monthly business expenses!

“Realized I’m sitting on a goldmine!”  

I love this podcast. Devon breaks down using credit card points and leveraging your expenses to open a world of travel opportunities. After listening to the first few episodes I feel like I have a cheat code to luxury travel. I will keep listening for more insider tips.

“Point me to the cheat code”  

I have listened to the first four podcasts. My favorite so far is what mistakes not to make. Devon is very clear in her explanations and makes the points game very understandable. She lays out the pros and cons of a point earning credit card versus a cash earning credit card. I can’t wait to learn more.

“Not confused anymore”  

These podcats are amazing so far. I have learned so much from Dr. Gimble the last few months and am excited to learn more. So far, I have booked an entire trip for my family since starting to use reward points in November (huge feat for a resident.) I’m looking forward to the newest podcasts.


I love how Devon breaks down the points game in an informative and succinct manner. I have been following her and have now booked numerous international trips with my family of 5. I never would have been able to pay cash for these experiences. But, giving the gift of time with family exploring new places is so important to me and priceless. Thank you!!

“So helpful”  

Great podcast! I can’t believe the easy rewards points I’ve been leaving on the table. Great practical tips on how to use a rewards card to purchase store-specific gift cards. Love everything about this podcast and excited for more episodes!

“Highly practical and easy to implement!”  

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A New Way to Think About Expenses


2023 Points Earning Review 

5 Beginner Credit Card Mistakes & How to Avoid them 




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Hey, I’m Devon Gimbel MD

Credit card points are a currency, just like money –
which makes earning and redeeming credit card points a legitimate investment vehicle and wealth-building strategy.

One that needs to be more accessible to women, people of color, and families too.

On Point Me To First Class, I teach women with higher-than-average personal and/or business expenses to leverage these expenses into credit card points that let you travel the world in comfort.

Meet the host!

I’m a retired physician turned credit card points-lover. (And a wife and mama to two kids). When I first started earning and redeeming points, it was just a fun hobby. Something I thought might save me a little money here and there.

But then I took my first international trip using points and I paid just $80 out of pocket for a $14,000 flight.

And I traveled first-class for the first time ever.

From that moment on, points travel stopped being a hobby and became a wealth-building strategy.

Because when you’re saving $50,000 to $100,000 of your travel costs every year like I am…

(...without having to give up traveling. In fact, I’m traveling more than ever before…)

…that $50,000 to $100,000 can go somewhere else.

You get to invest it, or save it, or spend it, or put it in your kids’ college fund.

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“I’ve booked numerous international trips with my family of five. I never would have been able to pay cash for these experiences.”